irq7 - It's not me EP

«It's not me EP» — альбом 7 каверов на любимые мелодии irq7.

Tracklist »

1. Alf (Cover of the «2204355 Song» by Zalza) 2:56
2. Strikeforce (from the C64 SID «Strike Force Intromusic» by Michael Hendriks) 3:04
3. S-Express (from the C64 SID «S-Express» by Jeroen Tel) 2:12
4. Analyzer (from the Amiga MOD «Analyzer» by Emax) 3:07
5. Lost Scrotum (from the Amiga MOD «Lost Scrotum» by Paso) 3:02
6. Promise Reprise (from the Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka) 4:10
7. Analyzer XTD Mix (from the Amiga MOD «Analyzer» by Emax) 6:00

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