Beverage - Self Acceptance Is One Textbook Case Of Stockholm Syndrome Away

Экспериментальный релиз от Beverage.

1. Look Me Up In A Thesaurus
2. Globally Speaking, It’s Not Very Cold Outside
3. Deaf Are The Sheep, Yet So Perceptive
4. An Experiment In Whatevery
5. NiftyEleven, My Red Pal Says
6. I May Never Get The Chance To Visit The Places I Find Interesting
7. Nafn
8. A Strange Fondness Is Often Felt
9. A Silent World Ruled By The Semicolon
10. Ode To Warrenton
11. State Of Emergency, Snowmageddon!
12. Boldly Going Nowhere
13. A Wall Of Ice Advances, I Have Written A Novel You Will Never Read
14. Hallucinogens Hidden As Common Food Items
15. Sentences Ending In Ellipses Dash Across My Family Tree
16. A Powerful Statement For Writing Biographies
17. The Dark Diagnosis Of The Deranged Doctor Drew
18. Unpublished Documents Line The Empress Hall Closet, How They Retreat So
19. In The Attic Of The Atmosphere Pt. 9
20. The Temperament Of Newborns And Their Older Counterparts
21. Nikola Telsa Was An Unrespected Water Polo Player
22. I Am Slowly Approaching Graduation
23. Carl Jung’s Mental Breakdown
24. Clairvoyance Among Other Unhappy Truths
25. The Sunset Is Becoming Self-Conscious
26. All That Makes Us Human Probably Greatly Bothered Philosophers Of Some Sort
27. My Career As A Fortune Teller
28. We Are All Moving Away
29. Being Doomed Is Awesome- Let’s Embrace The Apocalypse!
30. Going Out Of Style Is In Style These Days
31. Gossamer Was A Red Haired Monster
32. The Paintings Never Intended For Museums
33. Die Toten Studenten
34. Original Sin And Plastic Surgery

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